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sun blinds for skylights

 Custom blinds for skylights for individuals and projects!

We make Blinds for every type of skylight!
If there is no standard solution, we will make it!

We even have a solution for hinged or sliding systems!

Vertical sun Blinds is a fairly simple product, but horizontal sun Blinds often requires more creativity.
Often the edges around the windows are so narrow that the standard fixings cannot be used.

Special constructions and adjustments to existing systems is our passion.

Because we think along with you, there is a suitable solution for almost everything.
For more information or for other questions, please contact us.

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Home automation in combination with your blinds 

For people with busy lives, who need convenience solutions with excellent quality. That's why a sunblind with fully automated operation that works by means of your smartphone or tablet!
Somfy TaHoma

No complicated systems, but a user-friendly system that everyone in the family can use.
Even without a smartphone or tablet, our system is also easy to operate by means of wireless buttons with preset scenarios. The system can easily be expanded wirelessly with, among other things:

  • Micromodule lamp, Receiver lamp
  • Operated outlet
  • Alarm, smoke and motion detectors
  • Cameras (sends images to your smartphone)
  • Door openers (think of your garage door)
  • Curtain openers
  • Roller shutters, awnings, awnings, etc.
  • Thermostat of your central heating system and consumption sensor
  • Patio/terrace heating
  • etc. etc.




TopBlind L

The TopBlind L is the first model that we have marketed for horizontal window systems. This model is ideal for medium sizes up to approximately 3000mm x 2500mm.

The ideal solution for rooms that get very hot in summer.


TopBlind XL

Because in the summer the sun can raise the temperatures under a horizontal skylight or roof hatch, the TopBlind XL keeps the sun and heat out, so that the house remains pleasantly cool.

The TopBlind XL is the large robust model in our range. This model is even suitable for roof windows up to a width of 5000 mm!

Bi-Parting TopBlind

For the larger skylights we have the Bi-Parting TopBlind. This is a variation of the TopBlind L and the TopBlind XL. The two screens connect seamlessly to each other and provide perfect sun protection for the larger skylights.

Depending on the size required, either the TopBlind L or the TopBlind XL will be suitable for this.



in the shadow.. 

We advise you on the best sunblind for your rooflight and we install it ourselves!

> I want sun protection too!


Skylights and roof accesses to roof terraces are indispensable in current architecture.

Adding natural light has a beneficial effect on the health of the residents. Various studies have been conducted into this and it has now also been shown that there is a link between available daylight and the health of people who stay in rooms where sufficient daylight enters.
Daylight has a positive effect on depression or spring fatigue. Productivity increases and the stress hormone decreases.

But too much daylight also brings disadvantages and in particular too much sunlight. The sun can make it extremely hot in the house.
That is why we have the right screens that filter no less than 92% of the sunlight and therefore also block 92% of the heat.

We advise you not to do this yourself, provided you have done this before or are also doing this professionally.
Our systems fit any brand of windows. But we are always ready to give you the right advice.
Take the frame with a damp cloth with every window cleaning.

The screen cloth can be cleaned with a soft soap, eg green soap.

Never use chemical cleaning agents!

Ordering is easiest by sending an E-mail. possibly send some pictures of the window.

You can send the E-mail to

This depends on the type of window and type of frame in which the glass is placed.

In general, this is the outside size of the window or frame.