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The TopBlind L is the first model that we have put on the market for horizontal window systems. This model is ideal for medium sizes up to around 3000 mm x 2500 mm.

The ideal solution for spaces that get very hot in the summer.

TopShade TopBlind L Badhoevendorp FG IMG 2304Because the TopBlind L is close to the window, practically no sunlight enters. During the day it is possible to look through the canvas from the inside to the outside. So it does not give a closed feeling.

The TopBlind L is sleek and has a slender beveled cassette. Because of its small sized cassette (95mm x 95mm) it fits perfectly with smaller horizontal windows and roof hatches.

The TopBlind L is supplied as standard in the color RAL7015, but of course all other standard RAL colors are also available and this has no influence on the price.

We always use the Soltis Perform 92 for the fabric, this is a pre-stretched fabric specially designed for horizontal use. This fabric will sag less quickly than the other fabrics.
It is also possible to choose a completely blackout fabric, but the maximum size is 3M2.

Various canvas colors are available in the Soltis Perform 92 series. Make your choice in the color chart which you can find here.TopShade Montage 001

It comes with a Somfy motor and remote control, but it is also possible to operate the TopBlind L through your Domotica system. State this with your order!

TopShade also has the option to deliver a home automation system. This system can be connected to, among other things, Google Home. If required, even the Glazing Vision electric roof hatch, ventilation window or other roof accesses can be linked to this. As a result, these systems can be easily operated using an app on your telephone or through your voice.

more information

Google home TopShade 



Standard Fabric

white 92-2044

boulder 92-2171

alu/anthracite 92-2068

 alu/white 92-2051

beaten metal 92-2045

cloud 92-50272

alu/oat 92-2046

concrete 92-2167

tennis green 92-8056

alu/alu 92-2048

alu/medium grey 92-2074

anthracite 92-2047

quartz 92-50303

champagne 92-2175

hemp 92-50265

pepper 92-2012

gold 92-50273

havana-brown 92-50266

bronze 92-2043

beetle 92-2149

snow white 92-50690

shea 92-50843

moss green 92-2158

taupe 92-50850

dark grey 92-51177

aniseed 92-2157

celestial grey 92-51178

green-grey 92-51179

buttercup 92-2166

orange 92-8204

copper 92-50274

brick 92-51180

deep red 92-51181

deep blue 92-51182

deep black 92-51176

red 92-8255

lagoon 92-2160

sandy beige92-2135


Blackout Fabric





sandy beige




beaten metal




deep black



technical specifications





420 g/m2

EN ISO 2286-2


0.45 mm


wi dth

177 cm - 267 cm


standard format length

50 lm in 177 cm width / 40 lm in 267 cm width


tensile strength (warp/weft)

310/210 daN/ 5 cm

EN ISO 1421

tear strength (warp/weft)

45/20 daN

DIN 53.363

flame retardancy

B-s2,d0/EN 13501-1

M1/NFP 92-507 • B1/DIN 4102-1• BS 7837 • BS 5867 • Schwerbrennbar Q1-Tr1/

ONORM A 3800-1 • Classe 1/UNI 9177-87 • M1/UNE 23.727-90 • VKF 5.3/SN 198898 •1530.3/AS/NZS • G1/GOST 30244-94 • Method 1/NFPA 701 • CSFM T19 • Class A/ASTM E84 • Group 1/AS/NZS 3837 • Class 1/EN 13773 • CAN/ULC-S109



5 years